This is the character/collector card art of Prathamesh "Meat" Kimitre

Meat Art

Meat is Ron and Bing’s other best friend (in addition to their drummer). He’s famous for being the most disorganized, unfocused kid in their school. Although not bad looking, he’s a heavyset, rumpled mess. He has soulful brown eyes and an overdeveloped class-clown, party-animal sensibility that makes him as popular with the uncool kids as he is dreaded by the teachers. Drumming is Meat’s one real focus and passion. Because he has extremely rich, self-involved parents, he is mostly allowed to live on his own (with his massive drum kit) in their secluded summer cabin in the woods a few miles out of town. Meat’s cabin makes an excellent rehearsal space because there are no close neighbors to complain if the music is too loud. Unfortunately, that also means there’s no one to hear if the cabin were attacked… 

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